Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Few of my Favourite Books

It was really hard for me to narrow this list down, I love art text books. I'm a sucker for pretty pictures printed on glossy paper. 

My shortlist is mainly geared towards figure drawing and character art but there's some environment design in the mix as well. Anyway here are my picks:

Joseph Sheppard: Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists 
This is a fantastic anatomy book which has been written with artists in mind, not med students. Every part of the body is given it own chapter and covered in excellent detail with beautifully rendered sketches. Sheppard starts each chapter with a drawing of the under lying skeleton, then follows this with the muscles and finish with a picture of the whole body part. Studying and redrawing these pictures has given me a much better understanding of how the body works and how it looks in different positions. It's also been extremely useful to me when modelling 3d characters.
There is a fair bit of overlap between this book and Sheppard's. I'd say the main difference is Loomis goes in to more detail when covering issues like foreshortening, perceptive and drawing the body in different poses. Where as Sheppard's book covers the skeleton and muscle groups in more detail. I've found both books very helpful and think they complement each other really well. I think this is a must have for anybody interested in figure drawing.
The d'artiste books are all top quality and the Concept Art instalment is no exception. It shares the secrets of 4 industry pros, who each take a section of the book to explain the varied styles in detail. Each artist starts with a gallery of their own work, which can't fail to inspire. This is then followed by their tutorial which will really get your creativity flowing. They are of an excellent standard, you'd be hard pressed to find anything equal to them online. Each Pro then finished off their section with a gallery of their favourite work by other artistes, this gives you a taste of even more styles and techniques.
Following the same format as d'artiste: Concept Art, Fashion Design more than met my expectations. The gallery images are stunning and the tutorials are rich in detail.
This is a great book for anybody looking to improve their character design skills and ability to render different kinds of fabric.

I bought almost all of these from Amazons “New/Used” section and found some real bargains. Happy reading.

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